Wristwatches have transcended their utilitarian origins to become symbols of personal style and expression. Among the various watches out there, mod watches have earned a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts, and its modding community has grown significantly.  Seiko-powered watches are becoming a popular trend, offering enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own special timepieces that suit their style and budget.

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Affordability and Accessibility

Seiko has long been praised for producing reliable and durable watches at affordable price points. This affordability makes Seiko watches an ideal canvas for customization. Enthusiasts can acquire a base watch and invest in modifications without breaking the bank, allowing for a personalized timepiece without the hefty price tag associated with high-end luxury watches.  There are now thousands of aftermarket parts catered towards the modding community, and now many homage style mod watches can be crafted without the high price tags of luxury watch brands.

WHy are mod watches popular?

The availability of aftermarket parts and accessories for mod watches allows for endless combinations. Enthusiasts can mix and match components to achieve a wide variety of looks, from vintage aesthetics to modern designs. This versatility in customization appeals to collectors and individuals who want watches that stand out and reflect their individuality.


People who appreciate owning one-of-a-kind items and want a watch that reflects their personality and style find mod watches appealing. The ability to create a unique timepiece through customization sets these watches apart from mass-produced alternatives.

Seiko mod watches are often more affordable compared to high-end luxury watches. Budget-conscious collectors can grow a watch collection much easier since the cost for a mod watch is signficantly lower.



The popularity of Seiko NH movements within the watch modding community can be attributed to their reliability, affordability, widespread availability, standardized design, aftermarket support, ease of modification, high beat rate, hacking and hand-winding features, and a proven track record in the watchmaking industry. These factors make NH movements an ideal choice for unique and customized timepieces.

Are Mod watches fake?

Seiko-powered mod watches, when done ethically and transparently, are not considered counterfeit. Counterfeit watches typically involve the production and sale of fake replicas that mimic the design and branding of genuine watches with the intent to deceive buyers.  Mod watches that closely resemble another luxury timepiece are considered homages, and not fakes.


Yes!  We take commissions for mod watches.  If there is a watch you see online that you would like us to replicate, feel free to drop us a line.

Please be mindful that there will be an extended waiting period in order to acquire components from various parts suppliers.  We will also require payment in advance for the custom watch.

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“Very quick and responsive to questions regarding mod watches.  Fast service and quick shipping!  I’m very happy with my first mod watch!”

“Still waiting on a dealer to get in touch with me regarding a Rolex Submariner I’m interested in purchasing.  I picked up a Submariner style mod watch and I could not be happier while waiting for the real deal!”

“Was not sure about getting into mod watches early on.  Now I understand the performance and overall looks are so much better than most entry level off-the-shelf watches”


We are an independent watchmaker based out of Vancouver, BC.  We are not affiliated with Seiko or other brands/subsidaries.  Follow us on our new Facebook and Instagram social media pages for new builds as they become available!


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